ACTIVI-T Client, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

& Membership invoicing

  • Management of clients and files informations
  • Information fields customizable to your needs
  • Management of recall dates by clients, files and employees
  • Management of notes by clients and files
  • Manage multiple contacts by clients and files
  • Advanced search tools for your customers, + 40 available search fields
  • Research based on your customers’ purchases and turnover (only with Avantage)
  • Management of electronic documents for your clients and files
  • Create customized letters and mailings by merging MS Words documents with your data
  • +++ Membership invoicing module

And more

  • ACTIVI-T Client offers you a complete collaborative agenda for multiple users and a module for the management of reservations (conference rooms or equipments).
  • ACTIVI-T Client has access security management for groups of users
  • ACTIVI-T Client can integrate with AVANTAGE and ACOMBA accounting softwares


Our cooperative was looking for a solution that could host our members’ database, have a correspondence module and could do billing, while being linked to ACOMBA.

The ACTIVI-T Client software was suggested to us as it can do all of this and has plenty of other functions. We can now produce statistics of all kinds, our database is more complete than ever and we can send receipts directly by email after making an invoice. It’s really easy and it saves us a lot of time! The software is complete. In addition, the ACTIVI-T team was exceptional in answering our questions and meeting our needs. This is a big plus in our coop!

The Health Solidarity Cooperative of the MRC d’Acton always seeks to keep up to date with new information technologies, in the reduction of paper documents for the good of the environment, to make itself more accessible for its patients and reduce the tasks of its staff.

The range of services offered by UNI-T Technologies via the ACTIVI-T Client application fully meets our needs. It is now possible for our members to receive their renewal notice by email. The task has also been greatly reduced for the secretaries by allowing them to easily issue invoices and follow up with members.

An application that makes everything much easier for everyone. Accompanied by a professional follow-up from the ACTIVI-T Client team and a great openness to personal adaptations to our environment, we have a winning formula all along the line.